Research projects and doctoral candidates

RETORNA aims to implement 10 research projects that will contribute to understanding retinal diseases and will give novel insights towards a potential RNA treatment.

Research Projects

Project 01.

miRNA expression, identification, and functional characterization under oxidative stress challenge in diabetic retinopathy.

Project 04.

Study of microRNA expression profile in Central Areolar Choroidal Dystrophy. Translational study using a new CRISPR-generated animal model.

Project 06.

Prevention of premature photoreceptor cell death in CRB1 retinitis pigmentosa models by RNA modulation.

Project 08.

CRISPR therapy in a retinal hereditary dystrophy. Translational study using an animal model and retinal organotypic cultures.

Project 09.

Evaluation by RNA-seq-based approaches of the global role of microRNAs and of other noncoding RNAs in the human and mouse retina in both physiological and pathological conditions (Inherited Retinal Disease).

Our Doctoral Candidates

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