As pursuing doctoral studies or completing a large-scaled project such as RETORNA are no small undertakings, let us remember “to take it bird by bird” as suggested by the American writer Anne Lamott.

After spending my childhood and adolescent years in France, I pursued my undergraduate studies in biomedical science at King’s College London. Following graduation, I undertook several internships in the field of intellectual property and access to medicines, which eventually led me to undertake a master’s degree in public health and health economics at LSHTM. I then worked for an information company as an analyst in the life sciences sector. More recently, I was involved in EU-funded research and conducted analysis on the use of health indicators from different perspectives, including benchmarking initiatives and antibiotic use in primary care.

Not only will the PhD position offer me the opportunity to complete my training as a researcher using the tools I have gained throughout my studies and beyond, but it will also allow me to engage with cutting-edge research and stimulate me to expand my knowledge and skills through the day-to-day work and interactions with collaborators, and the resources provided by the RETORNA network at large. Furthermore, as RNA therapies are becoming a reality and health systems will need to account for their provision, this project has even greater appeal from a health economics perspective as it could potentially have a high impact in terms of future health service provision for retinal diseases.

Interests and hobbies ofClaire Willmington

Yoga, reading, exploring different creative mediums (painting, pottery, writing…) as well as traveling and discovering new cultures.