“The important thing is to not stop questioning. Curiosity has its own reason for existing” - Albert Einstein

Since I remember I always had a profound passion for the life and health sciences. With an academic background, I hold a successfully completed Bachelor’s degree in Life Sciences, with a focus on Biology and Biotechnology, at the University of Bordeaux. I continued my studies with a Master’s degree of Science in Life and Health Sciences, specialized in Genomic & Biotechnology, from the Faculty of Sciences and Technology of Limoges in France.

Throughout my academic journey, different internship actively pursued opportunities to enhance my practical knowledge and skills. This led me to undertake various captivating internships, including a notable experience in Switzerland.

Building upon their solid academic foundation and diverse internship experiences, I embarked on a professional journey at UCB, a renowned pharmaceutical company based in Belgium. As a Research Associate, I contributed significantly to the company’s mission of advancing healthcare through innovative biotechnological solutions.

I am driven by a relentless curiosity and an unwavering commitment to making significant contributions to the field of life and health sciences.

With a passion for exploration and an eagerness to contribute to the betterment of human health, I continue to seek new opportunities to expand my knowledge and impact the scientific community positively.


I am enthusiastic about participating in this project due to the increasing significance of transcriptomic analysis and the remarkable advancements we have witnessed in using RNA therapies to combat diseases, particularly with the recent progress made in addressing COVID-19. The potential for further exploration and advancements in this field is incredibly exciting. There is a multitude of opportunities to be pursued, and I am eager to contribute my skills and knowledge to this groundbreaking research.


We can help to make a real difference for people affected by this disease, to enable them to see and lead a normal life.

I am looking forward to start working on this project at this University of Alicante.

Interests and hobbies ofEnola Missonnier

Swimming, lifeguard, surfing, First-Aid, rescue, guitar, piano, painting, crochet, travels